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Embodied awakening bridges our human experience with our spiritual nature through our feelings; it marries our masculine and feminine qualities, synthesises peace and passion, and enlightens not only our minds but also our hearts. Embodied awakening is the anti-dote to spiritual bypassing, and uses all of our human experience as one big spiritual teaching. On the path of embodied awakening, we don’t deny our humanness in favor of spiritual concepts that aim to make us feel better but remain mostly concepts that we believe in rather than a knowing that has unfolded and proved itself over time. We stop trying to live up to a (spiritual) image, and embody our own truth instead.


We are all One. Only love is real. Suffering is an illusion.
Sounds nice and is true on the level of absolute truth, yet how true has this been in your lived experience? Have you ever tried to apply these platitudes only to end up feeling uncomfortable and like something wasn’t quite right? In this module you will be given a powerful process that harmonizes your left and right brain hemispheres and literally helps ideas of right/wrong good/bad light/dark collapse. Where they meet, is where Love emerges.


The cup and the water, the cup and the water, the cup and the water!

Integration is is the stabilising factor to all the transformational tools and processes we go through with inner work. Integration helps us assimilate and synthesise all that we have learned and absorbed and prevent overwhelm and overload over our nervous system. Without integration tools, we never really fully land and are always swirling around in a soup of ever changing energies. If transformation is the download, integration is the unzip and install.

In Innerversity the grounding and integration is just as important as the transformation. In this module you receive integration practices for your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies.


When the student is ready, the student appears.
In Innerversity you are being initiated into being mentored by your own teacher, your Deeper Self.
We awaken the mystic within, the one that sees, the one that knows, the one that trusts herself no matter what.
The one that is able to dance with the mystery, respond with present moment clarity, the one that draws wisdom from her own inner well of life experience; the one that owns her power, her authority, recognizes everybody and everything as her teachers, and lives with Life and Love as her mentors.

Intuition is the golden thread connected to our heart, leading us home.


To really become alive, we have to die before we die. Death and rebirth is the hero’s journey, where we face our inner dragon atop the chest of gold. What dies, is your old sense of self and all of your illusions, and we are reborn to life as it is meant to be. This process transforms pain into gold and our deepest wound into our greatest gift, our vocation.

When we go through a death and rebirth, we heal at the deepest level and unlock many of our latent talents and gifts.
Death and Rebirth is the thread that weaves this entire program together.


In INNER we don’t just awaken our emotional intelligence, we develop emotional alchemy when we walk the path of the shadow realm of emotions, to the gift, all the way to the siddhi. Here, our emotions are no longer our enemy, but one of our most potent entryways for divination and receiving inner initiations.


Emotional clearing is to your pain body what a deep detox is to your physical body. In this module you learn one of the best skills you can have for life: emotional clearing using kinesiology. With emotional clearing, we simply and effectively remove the emotional charge around topics that makes us feel reactive, triggered, and upset, enabling us to move through life with much greater peace and a sense of all-is-well. Emotional clearing removes the kinks out of our nervous system, allowing our natural energy to flow as it should without getting hung up on the same topics over and over.


It is our sacred purpose that most strongly aligns us with our true north. Once we have a strong inner sense of our purpose and say a full YES to it, it becomes easier to own our yes and no in life, to recognise what is truly important from what is a distraction for us. Living in alignment with your soul’s intention for coming here restructures and reorganises your life in a way that can only be described as magical but is nothing more than natural, the way all of nature grows in perfect order and harmony.

Your purpose is to be who you are.
In this module you will receive potent reflections that show you how and why you are playing small, holding back your gifts, dimming your light, and not fully owning your most embodied expression. Through gentle but potent exercises you will learn to give yourself full permission to be all that you are meant to be….


Ever wonder why life seems to work a little different for you than it does for others? Why you feel called to do certain work? Is your soul begging you to do things different than how you are ´supposed´ to do them? Why your energy is erratic? Not sure if how you live your life (or how you would WANT to live your life?) is truly right for you?

One of the most potent ways to upgrade your life and get aligned with your true purpose is through knowing and understanding your design, or your soul’s blueprint. In INNERVERSITY you get initiated into the intuitive sciences of astrology and human design (and gene keys in level 2). No more wasting your time, resources and energy trying to be someone you are not or living a life that is not meant for you - and instead live a life that fits you like a glove.


When we awaken our heart we find the love we have been looking for, consciously and unconsciously. It is that simple, and yet that hard to do. In this module you will receive hands-on experiences that help you experience the difference between an open and a closed heart. Having this key will enable you to make the choice for yourself the rest of your life.

The heart de-armoring session is a special emotional clearing process that - literally - removes the wall around your heart, that is made of past emotional residue.


Trigger play turns every trigger into a mini awakening, and an integration of a lost, forgotten, or suppressed aspect of ourselves. With trigger play we gradually become more and more whole and complete - that feeling of ‘home’ or ‘happy’ we all yearn for. With trigger play we gain the ability to embody more and more different aspects and no longer think we can be this, but not that, or we have a, but not b. Life becomes a whole lot bigger and more colorful once we integrate more aspects of ourselves…


The sense that there is something inherently wrong with us is the biggest epidemic humans suffer from. In this module we dive deep into SHAME, the thing that scares us more than death itself, and begin to awaken from the trance of unworthiness and self-rejection.


Innerversity is rich and comprehensive, and you’ll likely not go through all of the material/exercises your first round.

That is why you have lifetime access to the entire program, enabling you to go through it at your own pace.

 When you join INNERVERSITY you are warmly welcomed into a global,
online tribe of women dedicated to their growth, and one other.

What's included in your membership :

12 x video/audio transmission (30 - 60 minutes each)

Exercises to help you embody each transmission

1 x live group session for emotional clearing of the heart wall

Access to active facebook group where we connect daily

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Price: $200

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A TOOLBOX of life altering QUESTS

everything you need to heal your wounds + embody your best self + thrive in life, love & purpose

for authenticity, vulnerability, and accountability

to explore the areas in which you numb and supress your true self

potent transmissions that unlock your access to

your deeper self

weekly group calls to connect with like-minded women

and receive hands-on inner work facilitation




The Inner Work, Works

But don't take my word for it….

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The transformation and awakening process of Alignment First has been nothing short of miraculous. (Alignment First was the first name of our membership program - Imaya).

Earlier this year I felt that I had made some headway with dysfunction, trauma and ignorance of myself and how I work from the inside, but it wasn’t deep enough and I wasn’t satisfied with counselling and psychotherapy. It certainly helped in some areas, particularly in kickstarting a process I feel has really been supercharged by AF.

I don’t even recognise myself, even my physical health has improved as I’m letting go of layer after layer of trauma and distorted thinking. It’s an ongoing process, even yesterday a massive block arose whilst meditating that I haven’t properly addressed. It was really emotionally difficult, I applied the AF techniques and have been unpacking it all, and I’m working through it. 

This wouldn’t have happened a couple of years ago. I would have denied, projected, suppressed, avoided and continued to be plagued. This makes AF some of the most difficult and rewarding inner work I’ve ever done.

Thanks so much to you both. Life is looking so amazing and is changing for the positive. I mean, in the last few months I’ve started dating an amazing woman, I’ve come into a lot of money and financial health, I’m moving up in my professional life, I’ve been deepening my friendships, and deepening my spiritual life, working on my health, it just gets better and better!

I’m over the moon with this process I’ve started that’s been kicked off by the Alignment First course and I have tools and practises to get real with myself and move towards releasing trauma and falsehood and really move forward with strength and awareness.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

— Ben Conant

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Tesfa and Imaya brought me back hard and fast. After reading a couple of posts of theirs, I had a breakdown, feeling a mixture of disappointment, shame, and grief towards myself and my experience, for the fact that I had not been doing the work that I had already begun, and that I had lived the last few months of my life under the veil, not being honest with myself about how miserable I was.

Since then I have basically turned my life completely around in a matter of weeks and I only seem to be increasing in speed of the amount of joy and abundance and inner peace I have created for myself in my life. (Thanks guys.) I do recommend Tesfa and Imaya’s courses for all points of development - if you are a “beginner” in the work, or have had an embodied practice for a while, and ESPECIALLY if you feel stuck and limited in your life. 

Thank you VERY much Tesfa and Imaya for your dedication and authenticity. Text cannot begin to describe the gratitude and humble respect I have for the two of you in following your passions and desire for service to the One (all of us), and for being so embodied - it’s beautiful for me especially after seeing, time and time again, fractured and egocentric people calling themselves masters and causing more damage to others than anything else.
Much much much Love 💕

— Risa Naomi


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Working with Imaya has surpassed my expectations on all fronts! I used to be one of those women who chronically thought she would always be 'too much’ for everyone and my relationships and friendships suffered from this self-image. All this has completely changed and I will never look back.

There's not many many women today showing the way as authentically, lovingly and boldly as Imaya does. She has a way of reaching you and helping you peel off the layers to find yourself underneath. Everyone deserves this experience of truly meeting themselves and becoming your own very best friend.

— Nara M.

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Having Imaya as my mentor has been a game-changer in how I show up in the world. I knew a lot about various types of inner work before I came across one of her beautifully raw posts on facebook through a mutual friend, but never had I met someone embody this work quite like this. By the end of seeing the video I immidiately signed up to work with her 1:1 and she showed me how to integrate psycho-spiritual development as a way of life rather than just 'knowing all the tools’ (we've all been there, right?). Imaya has helped me release so much trauma from my body and decades of conditioning from my mind, I am not the woman I was three months ago. Everything in my life is just flowing with so much more ease. I now embody my true self, experience deep self love where before I was fooling myself into thinking I did, and just attract more and more great opportunities and connections into my life.

Working with Imaya you can expect her to call you forward in ways that you don't even know you need and then meet you and work with you like a fire transmuting all that no longer serves you.

— Miranda Mable

Untitled design (23).png

Imaya's online presence single-handedly altered my life. Her vulnerability, her showing up and showing herself as she does, called to something inside of me that I didn't even know existed, didn’t even know I was missing. After some months of subscribing to her posts I truly felt alive for the first time in my life, I started giving myself permission to feel, and to be, and to allow parts of myself to bubble to the surface that apparently were hidden. I thought - how much more could she possible do for me? Oh my how wrong I was!

If you resonate with anything you have seen of her so far, don't hesitate for a moment to work with her in depth. I can honestly say that through working with her I know the difference between being alive and feeling alive.

— Debby Shears

Untitled design (27).png

Everyone deserves an Imaya in their life!

— Sheya Lebada

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