If love doesn’t scare the crap out of you -
you’re doing it wrong.

Do you feel relationships are hard and you can't quite seem to figure out how to skilfully navigate their terrain? Do you find it challenging to feel happy and secure both inside and outside of your relationships? Do you keep experiencing the same difficulties, triggers, & disappointments?

Don't worry, you are not the exception - you are the rule.

Relationships are transformational cauldrons, modern-day monasteries and ashrams. Relationships are not the place we find love, they are the place we are confronted with everything in us we don’t yet love. They bring to the surface all the pain, judgements and conditioning we hold onto - that block true love from our experience.

The good news is - this is good news. We can let our heart break again and again, until it opens.
And what we find is, the heart never broke, only the shell protecting your heart.


(be love education)

The longest journey you’ll ever make is the one from an open wound to an open heart… this is that journey.

BELOVED is a 12 week journey of awakening your heart.
We alchemize our pain into medicine that keeps pouring and healing our scars from the inside out.
We come to experience how every moment and every experience is an invitation to open to deeper love.
We break the addiction we have to running away from the fear and emptiness we feel inside,
so that we can finally relate from a full and overflowing cup.
We shift from searching and yearning for love,
to living in love,
living as love.

is the cup
and the water
the water being Love
the cup being the container that we call relating

we heal our wound that have been covering up the source of your love,
have made you confuse attachment, projection, chemistry and fantasy for love,
and we learn how to create a container that supports both individuals
on their journeys of learning how to live & love…

It will not necessarily be a smooth ride, but instead one that truly opens our hearts and teaches us how to live in love.

The love & relating education we never received.

is build on two pillars: embodying true love through the opening of the heart, and learning practical tools for high level conscious relating.
Grounding your consciousness in love, and learning how maintain this consciousness in relationship to others.


And receive instant access to the course and online community.



All relationships eventually bring up our unconscious, unresolved inner material, our shadows. This is not a bad thing, and can even become a good thing once we understand what our triggers are, how to heal them, and how to hold space for others when they get triggered. With Trigger Play, we learn how to turn every trigger into an opportunity for more self-acceptance, integration, and wholeness, enabling us to live less reactively: freedom!


‘‘You don’t have relationship issues. You have unresolved wounds from childhood masquerading as relationship issues’’.

The abandonment wound is the underlying cause of 99% of relationship issues. It is our primal fear that we all carry in our nervous systems that causes us to unhealthily attach (or fear attachment), and cause us to feel anxiety, fear, worry, jealousy, and all the general senses of unease when we unconsciously feel our very survival is in the hands of our partners.



In this module you will receive the wisdom and the tools to awaken your emotional intelligence and embody true emotional sovereignty and freedom. A person who embodies emotional health & sovereignty is a high quality partner and friend.


Love can get lost in translation. Have you ever been baffled by your inability to understand where the other person is coming from? Have you ever tried to explain yourself and have it fall on deaf ears? Have you ever been knee-deep in an argument or fight and wondered, how the hell did we end up here?! It is because we have been trained to communicate in a way that fosters hostility in others, rather than compassion and connection. In this module we unpack communication, a gift for love & life.

This module alone has been described as life changing by participants.



Let your heart break - open. Our past experiences, no matter how painful, can contribute to a bigger capacity for love. In this module we extract the gold from our past. Whatever we don’t resolve in our past relationships, will keep coming back around until we have extracted the lesson inherent within the experience.



Relationship is ceremony, and intention is what carries our consciousness and connection past the darkest moments. Our sincere intentions will guide the energy of love beyond any reason or logic. In this module we will write our sacred ‘vows’, our commitment to love itself. Intention is more.


‘‘Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They have been inside each other all along’’. That lover inside of you? At the very center of your being, your heart. Ready to meet your one n only true soul mate?

This transmission is the essence, the soul of this program, and what sets it apart from other relationship courses. This transmission is the bridge between our human experience and our true, Divine nature: we are love. Everything is love. Until we open our heart and know this to be true with every cell of our being, we will always confuse romantic projection, addiction, and attachment for love, and keep repeating the same relationship patterns in our quest to gain love from others. This transmission sets in motion the true opening of your heart and the awakening of universal love inside of you. Be the love you want to see in the world.



Beautiful practices to deepen and enrich your intimacy and connection with your partner, lover, and friends. These practices can become a part of being, of who and how we are, inviting others to drop their masks by our very presence.



It is healthy boundaries that enable true and deep intimacy and unlock healthy inter-dependance rather than co-dependence. Without boundaries we are not actually loving, we are bargaining for love. We are giving our energy with the hopes of the other giving us the love we don’t have for ourselves. we are trading our integrity for the illusion of love. This is why true love can only flourish in the presence of clear boundaries.


What do you mean when you say I love you? Are you secretly saying I need you? I want you? I like that you behave in a certain way? Please stick around so I don’t have to feel lonely? In this module we explore the necessary conditions for true unconditional love. This module will forever change your perception of peace versus passion, closeness versus needing space, connection versus independence, what men need and what women need….



To weekly additional modules!


Knowing how to ‘fight’ consciously and constructively will take a lot of the pressure out of your relationships. Challenge and friction don’t weaken connection and can actually strengthen bonds, once we understand a few key principles of the anatomy of trust. It is the repair, not the rupture, that determines whether a bond grows or breaks from challenges. The same wind that snuffs candles kindles fires: where friction kills a small love it sets ablaze big ones…


This program is for every human being having a deep inner knowing that there is more to love than we have been led to believe,
and is ready to truly devote themselves to the journey from living and loving with an open wound to an open heart.

  You are ready to receive love from the only place it ever was to begin with

   You are tired of self-sabotaging and stumbling around in the dark when it comes to your relationships

  You are ready to stop attracting unavailable (wo)men

  You are a man or woman wanting a deeper & healthier connection with yourself and those around you

  You are in a relationship and want to drastically improve the closeness and quality of your relationship

You care about being a high quality partner and friend: self-sufficient emotionally, grounded and centered, taking responsibility for your own triggers and projections, and overall much happier and having developed an inner quality of love and fulfilment

This program is not for you if…

You want to keep believing your (ex) partners are to blame for your relationship difficulties

If you want to ‘call in the one’ (this course is for those who want to become the one, for themselves)

You want to hold on to your relationship no matter what (this course is about quality, not quantity)

You are not willing to look at belief systems you have that keep you running the same convictions around the opposite sex, dating, relationships, etc.

BE LOV ED is an online self paced program.
It is easily accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, and compatible with any schedule and lifestyle.

The program consists of 12 recorded transmission of 30-60 minutes each (audio or video),
and each transmission topic comes with guided exercises to facilitate
the anchoring of new pathways to love and relating directly in your system.

When you reserve your spot you gain instant access to the program and can start straight away!
You will also be addedto the private facebook group where you can share your journey and ask questions.
After you have completed the program, you have lifetime access to the entire program and community.

✓ 12 x weekly transmission (30-60 minute each)
+ exercises

✓ 1 session removing your heart wall (emotional clearing)
live, online group session

✓ Becoming part of a supportive, active & thriving global community of men and women doing their inner work & transforming their relationships (lifetime access!)

✓ Ongoing guidance and Q&A in the facebook group

Price : $ 200
Payment Plan : 2 payments of $ 110


My beloved experience….

Untitled design (31).png

This program has achieved for me what I never dreamed possible. The difference in how I feel and show up to people and my love life now compared to three months ago is huge. Dating and relationships used to be a minefield for me and I have suffered a lot of injuries along the way. Imaya has helped me see which programs and beliefs I have had running my entire life, programs that I took as absolute facts and never questioned because they actually felt like a part of my personality. When you begin doing this work it all feels a little unreal and like it's never going to work. You've been this way for your entire life right, and you've tried to get over yourself and have a different outcome next time and it never works. Well it still feels a little unreal, but the shifts are palpabale and the results show up in my life. I am no longer looking and longing for love and willing to compromise my heart. Love and romance have now become something fun and exciting, a part of life that brings me immense joy and barely any fear, dread, confusion, or hurt anymore. I feel relaxed in meeting new men and am in no rush which has given me my power back. I can easily distance myself from those who are not meeting me where I want to be met, and I can also trust my intuition on this for the first time in my life! Unless it’s a completely resonant and full heart-on yes for both - I’m not into it. I want depth and true intimacy and for the first time in my life I won’t accept anything less and will not jump in just assuming the other can meet me halfway. I have learned to give all of myself, without giving myself away. Open heart, unconditional love + super firm and healthy boundaries.

Thank you thank you thank you Imaya for holding space for my inner evolution and helping my navigate the painful and unconscious inner spaces and release the emotional imprints that once used to sabotage me and my love life. I never thought I could be this woman, the kind of woman I would see and wonder, how does she do it. You have shown me she lived inside of me all along and where to find her.

— Rianna Caros

Untitled design (22).png

Me and my partner had been together for 6 years when we came across Imaya and Tesfa's class Awakened Love (previous name - Imaya). We were struggling with trust and intimacy issues and came to the point of agreeing to part ways if nothing changed. We had dabbled with tantra, learning nonviolent communication, and a few workshops on conscious relationships. We had a suspicion the things we struggled with needed to be adressed on a deeper level but neither of us had ever felt drawn to the idea of classic psychotherapy. And then we stumbled upon Tesfa and Imaya online… their open hearted sharing of themselves and their relationship alone felt very healing, and I felt a closeness with them that tasted like the closeness we so desired to have with each other. We were the first to sign up for their class. Due to our schedules we never even made it to the live group calls but we worked with all the recorded material, and they were more than happy to take their time answering all our questions and make sure we were getting as much as we could out of the classes.

Well, after three months I am happy to report that our relationship has never been as good as it is today! We are the living proof that this is truly 'the class on love and relationships we never had'. In fact I am so intrigued and impressed with the results, not just for our love life but for life as a whole, that I have decided to go back to school and specialise in interpersonal therapies! Thank you Tesfa and Imaya for the incredible work you do!

— Bea & Levi

Untitled design (20).png

It's hard to begin putting into words what Tesfa and Imaya have done for me and my love life. When I started the course I had long felt I was broken, beyond help. I'd had nothing but toxic relationships in the past and not even therapy had helped me connect the dots in a way that made any significant changes. These two have created a modality from the heart of their own experiential wisdom by beautifully and seamlessly integrating traditional shadow work and their own methods for deeper intimacy with ourselves. They have helped me integrate all my past relationship experiences in a way that these experiences have become nothing but beneficial for me, something I never thought possible. With their help I am now truly happily single - another first - and deepening my relationship with myself and the people in my life. I have become a million times more confident and my neediness around men is no longer an issue. The shifts that I am witnessing are exciting! Instead of me falling for unavailable, uninterested and noncomittal men (playing out my core wound of unrequited love), the quality of men that now express their interest in me has markedly improved after 3 months of working on my core beliefs related to self-worth and shining light on my shadow aspects.

Their course has changed the course of my life and I cannot thank them enough!

— Melanie Crook

Untitled design (19).png

Hi Imaya and Tesfa! Loved Saturday's class, I listened to it at the gym. Very timely discussing the shadow-as I've mentioned recently I've been dating Alexandra. It has been beyond amazing, and it gets better and better every day. I honestly didn't think a relationship like this was possible-it is early days but the levels of attraction, connection and intimacy that are already present are incredible. Speaking of the shadow, I had been holding back on something within myself I was scared to share, I felt as though I would be judged or rejected. But I also realised that I was trying to hide or gloss over deeper, shadowy hidden aspects of myself, and Alex could tell. So I decided that I'd take a risk and open up, be vulnerable and trust in our process together. It has made all the difference. She didn't reject me or judge me, she accepted me as a whole person, and in fact confided to me her attraction and feelings for me has intensified greatly since I opened to her, and it shows. Pretending I have no shadow, no fears, no blocks isn't necessarily what I was doing in a total sense, but I certainly was holding back and I wasn't being as authentic as I need to-want to be-with her. I wouldn't have thought that this opening up about the darker, more fearful sides of myself and showing my vulnerability and humanity could have deepened the growing intimacy and love between us. But it has. And I wouldn't have thought that delving so deep and doing this kind of inner work would have unfolded into the manifestation of love like this so deeply, so quickly. Honestly, Alex and I have commenced an intimate, loving relationship that I would not have believed possible even six months ago-but it's happening and just gets stronger and deeper every day. So that's a little update on what's going on with me, with connecting with and opening up to my shadow self and continuing this work =)

— Ben Conant

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