About Me + My Work


I am a death and rebirth doula.
I teach the long lost art of self-initiation through turning towards our deepest darkness and pain, triggering the remembrance of our eternity and awakening the divinity encoded within our humanity.

I facilitate people's journey through pain, darkness, fear, depression, discomfort, disconnection, confusion, repression, and shame, back home to their joy, wisdom, aliveness, peace and passion, innocence and wholeness. 

I am an ambassador of the awakened heart, all that I teach is a direct message from her, to her, and as her. I initiate people on the journey of collapsing ideas of good and bad, right and wrong, to find love at center of these polarities. Through sacred shadow work I help humanity retrieve and integrate long lost and suppressed aspects of themselves, which results in feeling a sense of wholeness, inherent perfection, and fulfilment.

When we remove the wall around our heart we step into the sacred fire of love - true love. Love then begins the alchemical process of burning away all our small ideas of life and love, revealing the pure gold of our true essence along the way. When we die to our illusions, we are reborn to life as it is meant to be.

The sacred flame of the heart burns our mental prison to the ground. When our heart is open, we are now alchemical vessels where everything that we encounter becomes fuel that only makes the sacred fire of our heart burn brighter.

Contained within my work are the following things I specialise in:

Death & Rebirth; turning towards our pain to let it heal us
(Finding + living + embodying your) Purpose
Emotional Intelligence + Resilience (emotional alchemy)
Depth + Intimacy + Connection (in ALL relationships)
Open Wound to Open Heart: healing the abandonment wound to awaken the heart (becoming the One)
Shadow Integration (owning the dark to regain wholeness)

I share weekly recorded transmissions and guided exercises on Broken Open,
a subscription based platform and community.

I don’t coach; I mentor, I initiate.
I only work 1:1 with souls who are deeply called towards me and my work.

If that is you, please reach out to me directly through facebook
(be ready willing and able to commit to a 3 month journey together)

Time spend with Imaya is like stepping into another realm all together as she skilfully transports you to what can only be described as…. home. She navigates you to the safe spaces that are underlying all of your human fears and pain, not through technique, but through love, through presence, and through connection.

- Jeanine Ollander


Inner Work: Medicine of the Future


How you gon win if you ain't right within?
-lauryn hill

Inner Work is the intersection between psychology and spirituality.

Inner Work is a pathless path of self-discovery which spirals and dances and grows and transforms with us on our quest of being human.

Inner Work is the soulful work of removing the wall around our hearts, clearing emotional debris and baggage, shining light on our blind spots and ways we self-sabotage, ignite a razor-sharp intuition and clarity, and start fulfilling our life's purpose of being who we came here to be.

Inner Work reveals, with uncanny precision, time and time again, how our entire outer world is but a mirror reflection of our inner landscape. NOT in wishy-washy spiritually bypassing ways, in practical, tangible and grounded ways.

Inner Work is not a quest to become better versions of ourselves, to become spiritually woke, to heal or to manifest our dream lives.

Inner Work shines the light on our wholeness.
It reveals to us that that which we are looking for has been right there, all along,
and how to shift your gaze to actually see it.



A session with Imaya will leave you inspired for the rest of your life to the kind of depth, intimacy, and connection is possible with both yourself and others. Literally all it took was one session to show me a way of living, of being, that I had deeply craved all of my life but didn't know how to access. Imaya doesn’t walk her talk - she lives, breathes, and embodies it.

- Willow J.



I haven't come to teach.

I haven't come to help.

I haven't come to make you feel better, be better, look better, do better.

I am here to embody what true freedom feels like.

I am here to remind you
to surrender to the wild mystery of Life itself.

I have come to seduce you
to finally open up to yourself.

I am here to shake you awake.

If not me,
She will.

Your pain, your suffering, your sadness, your longing, your confusion….
is your resistance to Her.



I am an emissary of wild feminine wisdom.

I speak for her. I move through her. I feel AS her.

I am here to shatter your illusions and make you fall in love with reality.

I have come to pierce through your bubble of safety, security, comfort zones.

And initiate you into sovereignty.

I have come here to show you:
you ARE the way.

If you listen closely you will hear my energy whisper to you:
let your heart break, again and again and again.

Next time Life has you down on your knees,
stay there.

It is not the rising above anything that you yearn for,
it is your melting open to this space.

Fierce Love.

I have come here to remind you of what lies beyond small dreams for happiness:


Purely, madly, deeply.

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